2007 Grant Recipients



Aim High
  For the Aim High Summer Program in the Mission District   $15,000  $15,000 
Alternative Family Services
  For the Enrichment Program $10,000  $10,000   
American Heart Association
  For San Francisco high school students to attend the 29th Annual International Stroke Conference $5,000  $5,000   
Art Span
  For the Art and Literacy Project
(Matching grant)
  For the Scholarship Program $30,000  $15,000  $15,000 
Bay Area Community Resources
  For the Youthline Community Outreach Program
(Matching grant)
Bay Area Multicultural Media Academy
  For the Youth Journalism program $10,000  $10,000   
Bay Area Youth Fund for Education
  For the Academic Access Program $10,000  $10,000   
Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center
  For the Youth Employment Services Program
(Matching grant)
California College of the Arts
  For the Young Artists Studio & Pre-College Programs
(Matching grant)
$5,000    $5,000 
California Film Institute
  For the My Place & Youth Critics Jury Program
(Matching grant)
$12,500  $12,500   
Cell Space
  For the Mission Arts Program
(Matching grant)
Compass Community Services
  For the Tenderloin Childcare Center $10,000  $10,000   
Contemporary Jewish Museum
  For the Teen Docent Program
(Matching grant)
$10,000    $10,000 
Coro Northern California
  For the Exploring Leadership Program
(Matching grant)
Each One Reach One
  For play writing, academic tutoring and Career counseling programs $10,000  $10,000   
Engineers Alliance for the Arts
  For the Structural Engineering program
(Matching grant)
$12,500  $12,500   
  For the Explainer Program $15,000  $15,000   
Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco
  For the Museum Ambassador Program $10,000    $10,000 
The Foundation Center
  For the San Francisco Regional Library $1,500  $1,500   
Galeria de la Raza
  For the Youth Media Project $15,000  $15,000   
Galileo Academy of Science & Technology
  For the Health Pathway   $20,000   
Girl Ventures
  For the Leadership Development Program $15,000  $15,000   
Golden Gate Community, Inc.
  For the Youth Development Initiative $15,000  $15,000   
Good Samaritan Family Resource Center
  For the Teen Program $10,000  $10,000   
Growth & Learning Opportunities
  For the Scholarship Assistance Program
(Matching grant)
$10,000    $10,000 
Hearing and Speech Center of Northern California
  For the Transition Program
(Matching grant)
Immaculate Conception Academy
  For the Sewing Program $10,000    $10,000 
Indochinese Housing Development Corporation
  For the Southeast Asian Children, Youth and Family Program $10,000    $10,000 
Industrial Design and Outreach Program
  For the Industrial Design Program $10,000  $10,000   
Jewish Vocational Services
  For the Work Resource Program $15,000    $15,000 
Junior Woodchuck Program
  For the Woodworking Program in San Francisco schools $15,000  $15,000   
KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy
  For the High School Preparation & Placement program
(Matching grant)
$20,000  $20,000   
Marshall Elementary School PTA
  For school enrichment activities $12,500  $12,500   
Math/Science Network
  For the Expanding Horizons Conference   $7,500   
Mission Science Workshop
  For the Science Workshop Program $20,000  $10,000  $10,000 
Museum of Craft & Folk Art
  For the Art in the Schools program $10,000  $10,000   
Musical Theatre Works
  For the Scholarship Fund
(Matching grant)
$10,000  $10,000  $10,000 
New Conservatory Theatre
  For the Youth Scholarship & Vocational Training Program   $15,000   
Out of Site
  For the Architecture and Art Programs $30,000  $10,000  $30,000 
San Francisco Art & Film Program
  For the Youth Film Workshop $25,000  $25,000   
San Francisco Arts Education Project
  For the Arts Apprenticeship Program $15,000  $15,000   
San Francisco Girls Chorus
  For the Music Education & Performance Program   $10,000   
San Francisco Zoological Society
  For the Junior Zoologist Program $12,500  $12,500   
Shih Yu-Lang Central YMCA
  For the Youth Development Program $15,000  $15,000   
Society for Art Publications of the Americas
  For the Meridian Intern Program $10,000  $10,000   
St. John’s Educational Center
  For the Urban Institute Program $10,000  $10,000   
Stanford Jazz Workshop
  For the Scholarship Program $7,500    $7,500 
Student Conservation Association
  For the Bay Area Conservation Corps
(Matching grant)
Tule Elk Park Project
  For the Environmental, Artist-in-Residence and Music and Movement programs $15,000  $15,000   
Trips for Kids
  For the Re-Cyclery Program   $10,000  $5,000 
World Savvy
  For the World Affairs Challenge program $10,000  $10,000   

  Grand Total $499,000  $517,800  $169,250